Uniquely You Counseling, Denver…

Individual Therapy


We work together to help you, the client, with whatever issues you are struggling with. I truly believe there is always an answer to our problems, always a way to make things better. We just need someone to help guide us to find those answers. Whether its past trauma, depression, stress or just feeling overwhelmed. There are ways, techniques to help ease that pain, help heal that pain. The way I look at its like we all carry our past traumas, past issues, past negative memories, negative thoughts, like rocks in a back pack. These memories or negative thoughts weigh us down, slow us down. During individual therapy, we take out each rock, one at a time, talk about it, see the bad patterns its caused in our lives, process the pain and then throw it away, so it can no longer cause us pain or slow us down.


There is always a reason for everything we do, if we are making poor choices for ourselves, then we need to explore the possible reasons why, so we can change that bad pattern. If someone is suffering from depression, there is a reason why, whether its biological or from past trauma. If someone is self-harming themselves, suicidal, suffering from an eating disorder, there is always a reason why. During individual therapy,

I can help you explore what that reason might be and then help you take control of your life again. I provide a safe, nonjudgemental space, for you to explore the painful memories or thoughts you might be having. I believe everyone has the power within themselves to help themselves, let me help you?? help you.